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Why on earth do you need TheWriteDay?

Simple, isn't it? So when was the last time you sat down and wrote anything?

And why is there ALWAYS something you have to do first, like ...

1. Begin writing

2. Write some more

3. Keep writing ~ even if it's only a little every day

4. Follow 2 and 3 until you have a first draft

5. Start rewriting

6. Rewrite some more

7. Follow 5 and 6 for as long as it takes until you're satisfied

8. Crack open the champagne

After all, you know you can write, and you have a perfectly good place at home to do it in.

And, anyway, EVERYBODY knows that the only way to finish a project is to ...

  • go to work/the bank/shops/bed

  • wash the car/the kids/the dog

  • make dinner/a cake/love

  • tidy your desk/sock drawer/fridge/garden

  • sort all your research into labelled boxes

  • watch TV 'just for half an hour' to unwind

  • set up a writing retreat/ design a website

  • defrag your PC/ clean your keyboard with Blu-tack

  • play one last game of  solitaire/mah jongg/Grand Theft Auto  


 the worst thing

you write  

is still better than

the best thing

you didn't

You have

to write to

 get it right!

But, when the time is right, boy oh boy, are you going to write reams ....

And that's why you need TheWriteDay.


Procrastination is just the first of the 'Killer Ps' that stands between you and your desire

to write. There's still Perfectionism ... Paranoia ... other People ... noisy Places ...

Copyright Kate McEwan 2012

The first draft of anything

is shit.

~ Ernest Hemingway

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