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TheWriteDay is more of a boost camp than a boot camp, so if  your brain starts to explode halfway through the day, you're free to go for a walk, go home, or  dip into the selection of writing prompts I provide. All you need to bring is your laptop or pen ~ and the determination to write your socks off.


To help you plan what you'll write on the day, I email you a goal sheet and timetable a few days before. We announce these goals when we introduce ourselves, before kick-starting creativity with a 10-minute session of

                                   (click button for more info).


You can help yourself to free tea, proper coffee, CAKE and biscuits throughout the day.  I provide a simple communal lunch of soup, bread and cheese which we eat together to give us a chance to chat and get to know one another.  Afterwards,  we clear our heads with a walk (optional) through the town or beside the river ~ then it's back to work for the afternoon.  


The main aim of TheWriteDay is to write as many words as you can.  Just  to let them flow freely onto the page.  It doesn't matter whether they are good words or bad words or even if they emerge in the right order. No one will see them but you. This is not the time for agonising, correcting,  being critical or even  punctuating properly.   No                                      (click) are allowed. You can fix it later.  Remember ~ you have to write to get it right!

On the SECOND  SUNDAY of every month  

10.30 ~ 4.30



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