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And so a group of TWD members decided to rent a studio at Black Swan Arts in the heart of Frome ~ and create The Write Place.


In this inspiring garret, up to ten of us can write in companionable silence for as long or as little as we like,  8.30-5pm,  Mon to Sat  ~

and some Sundays, too*.

Every writer writes better with other writers!


And it only costs £25 a month to sign up as a member of this unique writers' community.

We know writers seldom have any money to spend on themselves and we don't want to make money out of you  ~ we just want your company to help us write and to cover our costs.


For a mere £1 a day, you can help yourself to a variety of excellent teas, good ground coffee

and yummy biscuits. And there's 10% off anything from the Black Swan Cafe

or studio shops for members.


 Visitors are also welcome to write with us at  £5 for up to 4 hours or £10 for the day.

For more info email Kate at [email protected] or text 0779 22 66 045.


              A room of your own ~ where you're not alone? It's a writer's dream come true!




Anyone who has ever been to the monthly WriteDay agrees that this truth should be

universally acknowledged ~ and wishes they could write together more often

* Also open on all Independent Market Sundays ~ but closed Bank Holidays

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When a second studio became available, we had to have it.


Now The Write Place spreads across the whole top floor with space for  writers to write, chat,  eat, read and relax.

How cool is that?